Steve Addazio Extension: Boston College and College Football Reactions


News of the Steve Addazio extension to be Boston College’s football coach through 2020 sent reverberations through college football on Thursday.

Boston College Eagles
Boston College Eagles /

Boston College Eagles

From Chestnut Hill to Ann Arbor to the living rooms of Eagles fans, opinions on Addazio’s new contract are like (posterior apertures): everybody’s got one.

The general mood of the Boston College alumnus slash season ticket holder was upbeat that Addazio agreed to a new contract extension which would ostensibly keep him at the Heights for another six seasons. Media reaction went along most of the same lines, but at Michigan, well, see for yourself.

To round up the best of what we found, as always with reaction pieces, we turned to Storify.

Steve Addazio Extension: The Reactions


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Steve Addazio Extension: Our Reactions to Their Reactions

Hot Take #1: As we mentioned yesterday, the Steve Addazio extension is a sign that BC is serious about contending to keep their good coaches around. The program is heading in the right direction, though it is not where we want it to be yet. Boston College wants him to build this thing from the ground up, and if all goes well, he will get the rest of the decade to do it.

Eagles fans seem mostly pleased about it.

Hot Take #2: Michigan folk are still going to think they have a real shot at Addazio, despite the extension and the fact that some there probably feel he is not a big splash worthy of their program.

So, the Wolverines are not offering Harbaugh eleventy jillion dollars and no less than three Caribbean islands. Not my problem. If the Michigan rumors were just leverage for the coach at BC, it worked, but think about it: Addazio has a pretty stable gig right now. He’s in good with the athletic director, and the athletic director is in good with everyone else.

As ACC jobs go, this is a low-pressure environment and he has had a few respectable seasons to restore Boston College’s pride. BC fans will soon demand more, but for now, everyone seems content. Michigan would be a great opportunity for Addazio, but a much different situation, up to and including the last three coaches running afoul of the masses.

If I were Addazio, I would be just fine with staying put with a fatter paycheck.

Hot Take #3: On the last Storify tweet, it is not so much that Boston College fans are settling for 7-5 seasons or that we believe it would be a good thing long-term. What we do recognize is that the program has made strides and that we do not want to have to start over again so soon. As with any lengthy contract deal, the Steve Addazio extension might not look so great someday, but this one was way more defensible than the last one Boston College gave to a football coach, and it is in itself proof that Addazio has the full backing of BC Athletics to continue his work.