Ranking the 2014 ACC Bowl Games

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Nov 15, 2014; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels defensive tackle Nazair Jones (90) reacts after the game. The Tar Heels defeated the Panthers 40-35 at Kenan Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

2014 ACC Bowl Games: #8
Quick Lane Bowl

Who: Rutgers vs. North Carolina
Where: Detroit, Michigan
When: December 26

North Carolina has either been very “hit” or very “miss” this season. If they’re on, it could be a long game for Rutgers. If they’re off, well, you know.

It has been a disappointing season for the Tar Heels relatively speaking, but at least they recovered to make a bowl game.

Thing is, who wants to watch Rutgers? That’s what I thought.

Must-See Factor (out of 10): 3.5. UNC is tolerable, but yeah, Rutgers.

2014 ACC Bowl Games: #7
Independence Bowl

Who: Miami vs. South Carolina
Where: Shreveport, Louisiana
When: December 27

Boston College fans are counting their blessings that they are going to New York City and Miami blocks them from a return trip to northwest Louisiana.

In ordinary circumstances, one might say, “wow, for the Independence Bowl, this is actually a pretty good game.” That would mostly be an analysis of the teams’ names and not their performances this season.

Miami and South Carolina are both 6-6 in 2014. Both disappointing, both disappointed to be here.

Both teams sinking — Miami enters the game on a three-game losing streak, while South Carolina got creamed by Clemson in their regular-season finale.

Both teams unlikely to give it their all. Miami looks like they’ve packed it in, and South Carolina cannot be thrilled with the prospect of being 6-6 and in a D-list bowl game any more than Miami is.

Must-See Factor (out of 10): 5. Possible watchable if the two teams play for some pride.

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