Boston College Women’s Hockey Continues Insane Run Into Break


Boston College women’s hockey will not play again in 2014, but what they did this calendar year has been extraordinary.

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The ladies will enter 2015 on a fifteen-game win streak, their longest in program history. There is no reason that cannot keep going, either: not only are the Eagles the number one team in the nation with a 17-0-1 record, but they are beating the living shinola out of everyone they play.

Well, except for that one team they tied early in the season, being St. Lawrence.

While there is significant doubt that the men will make the NCAA Tournament this season, there is very little about Boston College women’s hockey. In fact, in quite the inverse arrangement from the men’s team, the ladies will have to have quite a bad second half to fall out of the mix (whereas the gentlemen will need a strong second half to get back into it).

Back to the nightly blowouts: in their final win of the first half of the season on Wednesday night against Dartmouth, Boston College women’s hockey posted a 6-1 victory. A five-goal win for this team is nothing.

In 18 games this season, the Eagles have scored 107 goals. They have allowed 18.

Allow me to put this a different way: Boston College has given up exactly one goal per game, and they average almost six. That is an average margin of victory of five goals per game, hence it is nothing for them.

Another way to look at it: Boston College’s 107 goals scored is 48 goals more than the second-best team in the conference, Boston University.

Yet, Boston College women’s hockey has not put away the Hockey East title. The Terriers are only four points back, going 8-2-0 over ten games while the Eagles have gone 10-0-0. Guess who BC’s first game in January is against? Why, Boston University. Also, the last two games of the regular season — all three meetings are still to come, while a potential fourth meeting in the Beanpot looms.

The Boston College ladies have done an outstanding job so far, and they are right now the best team this women’s program has ever fielded. Many big games are still to come before the Hockey East playoffs even begin, however, and while this huge run looks great, things are going to have to continue to get better.