Hockey East Standings Update: Still Plenty of Time for Boston College


In the most up-to-date Hockey East standings, the #16 Boston College Eagles are in an unfamiliar position, but still have a number of opportunities to get back in it.

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That position is sixth place, but it is better than the tenth place in which they found themselves not too long ago. The Eagles have struggled ever since their win in Denver, coinciding with the Steve Santini injury (though most Boston College hockey fans would probably not be so naive as to think that Santini is the only missing piece). Ever since, the Eagles have struggled to stay afloat in the Hockey East standings.

Their weekend against New Hampshire might not have yielded them the possible four points, but they did get three, and those were important. See below:

Hockey East Standings: December 9, 2014

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Boston College was nine points behind in their own conference; the gap is down to seven. Winning Hockey East this season would require jumping over five more teams, which will be a very difficult thing to achieve, but there is still more than enough time for them to continue to move up if they can get hot.

Now, will they get hot? Who knows. We have waited for the Eagles to go on a sustained run this season, but with the first half just about over, it has not happened yet. It will have to be in the second half, or not only will Boston College fail to repeat as the top team in the regular season, but they will almost certainly miss the NCAA Tournament in the process.

Seven of Boston College’s 13 games are with teams still ahead of them in the standings. While this means it is likely to be a difficult stretch, it is also an opportunity for Boston College to close the gap quickly if they do the right thing.