ACC Football Week 15: How We Did


There was only one game in ACC football Week 15, and it was the most important Atlantic Coast Conference game this season.

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The Boston College Eagles were incidentally impacted by the events of championship Saturday, up to and including the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte last night. In a matter of hours, Florida State will be deposited into the College Football Playoff, and some more hours after that, another ACC team will be deposited into the Orange Bowl — it should be Georgia Tech.

Just about every other bowl-eligible team in this conference will have somewhere to play in December, but it is now a matter of where “somewhere” is.

As for the game that ended the ACC season, read on.

ACC Football Week 15: Threepeat

The nailbiter ‘Noles ride again, taking their third-straight Atlantic Coast Conference title by beating the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Give the Jackets a lot of credit for getting to this game, and also give them credit for running for 339 yards against Florida State. Do not give them credit for that one very costly, very poorly thrown interception late in the fourth quarter.

Jameis Winston had a great game for Florida State, Dalvin Cook had a great game running it, and Rashad Greene had a great game catching it. In fact, if you were an offensive players on either team, you were probably loving life, especially early when the two teams traded big blows.

Even though the sports networks had already called the game, might like the news media on an election night, if Georgia Tech’s kicker could have properly executed an onside kick, we might have had one crazy finish.

Congratulations are in order to both of these teams on behalf of the ACC and college football fans everywhere, as this was the only championship game in a power conference that was not a blowout. And they say the ACC is top-heavy.