Boston College Football Not-Gameday Morning: ACC Title Game


Sadly, it’s not-gameday morning for the Boston College Eagles, but it is time for the ACC title game in Charlotte.

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Florida State and Georgia Tech will beat the crap out of each other while Boston College sits home and waits to learn which bowl they will be attending as one of the entrants. The outcome of that game may or may not have an impact on where the Eagles play, but even if it does not, the maroon and gold get to take the next couple weeks off.

It is the nature of the sport that at times like this, we experience a bit of melancholy in that the regular season is over. Well, not for every team, but for the Eagles.

There is football today, such as the ACC title game, but it is a condensed football Saturday, and it certainly does not include us. From here on in, it’s spotty football games from now through the College Football Playoff.

We spend so long waiting for the college football season to come, and on this site, we even spend about three months preparing ourselves. Then, just like that, it comes and it goes. 12 games, over and done.

Root for whomever you would like in this ACC title game tonight. It matters not, unless you dropped some scratch on one of these teams in an offshore sportsbook.

Boston College will learn its bowl fate in a little over 24 hours, but not before a lot of football action happens first, and the course of the national championship is laid out. Enjoy the ride.