Boston College Schedule-A-Team: Big Ten Football

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Nov 1, 2014; Lincoln, NE, USA; Nebraska Cornhuskers quarterback Tommy Armstrong Jr. (4) scores a touchdown against Purdue Boilermakers in the first half at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Big Ten Football Schedule-A-Team: Nebraska Cornhuskers

All-Time History With Boston College: None
Last Faced: Not applicable

Travel (if necessary): Over three hours by plane into the cornfields.

Mutual Interest Factor: Can’t possibly be any given how very limited the interaction is between these two schools.

Intrigue Factor: Other than spending a week being the target of jokes from @FauxPelini, which is worth it to schedule them, probably none.

The Verdict: Would schedule home or away based upon their name and history, but it is unlikely to happen because I doubt they would.

That’s a good football program they have out in Lincoln; I just don’t think they know we exist. Nebraska is past, present, and future not opposed to scheduling teams out of the ACC, but looking into their future, they do not expand their schedule reaches out into the Northeast. It’s a hike, and like with other regional schools such as Iowa, they do not stand much to gain by playing a football game in Massachusetts.

On the other hand, Boston College likewise has little to benefit from playing in Nebraska. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to see the Eagles play there someday, but neither school is dying to make it happen.

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