Boston College Bye Week: 5 Big Questions

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Nov 8, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College Eagles quarterback Tyler Murphy (2) runs the football while Louisville Cardinals cornerback Charles Gaines (3) looks to make the tackle during the first half at Alumni Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Bye Week: 5 Big Questions — #3

Was the disappointing performance against Louisville indicative of any major problems the Eagles have?

Interpreting the question as meaning “is Boston College going to go in the tank after that game,” not necessarily. They played one other game about as badly as Louisville — the Pittsburgh game — and the following week they upset USC on national television. Pitt was the worst game the Eagles have played all season to date, and the game immediately after it was the best.

What we do know about the Eagles is that they are, and have been, very inconsistent. There is no question that Boston College was flat against Louisville, and even though the score was close for most of the game, there was never an overarching sense that the Eagles were going to pull off the win. It happens.

Some could say that this team’s inconsistency is that “major problem” we seek. It is because of that inconsistency that Boston College is not better than 6-4, but better to be inconsistent than consistently bad. The Eagles have won a game or two they maybe should not have, and lost a game or two they should not have. Perhaps it all cancels out.

When Boston College steps on the field, even from half to half, one never knows what they will get. The Eagles could beat, or lose to, anyone on their schedule. Yet, even taking into account their disappointing performance against Louisville, the results have been slightly more good than bad this year.

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