Boston College Schedule-A-Team: AAC Football

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Oct 31, 2014; Memphis, TN, USA; Tulsa Golden Hurricane player on the sideline during the game against the Memphis Tigers at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. Memphis Tigers beat Tulsa Golden Hurricane 40 – 20. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College Schedule-A-Team: Tulsa Golden Hurricane

All-Time History With Boston College: None
Last Faced: Not applicable

Travel (if necessary): Doable by private charter plane. Tulsa is a little over three hours away.

Mutual Interest Factor: Cannot imagine there is much of any.

Intrigue Factor: Ditto the above.

The Verdict: Would not go out of my way to schedule.

This is another school that would be a strange scheduling fit for Boston College. Not even in a bowl have the two programs met one another, and Boston College has no recruiting presence or footprint in that area of the country whatsoever. It would not make sense for either school.

The sorts of teams Tulsa schedules are in the center of the country, along the lines of Oklahoma, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Texas State. At last glance, Boston College does not occupy any of those states (but may again occupy Louisiana during bowl season if they cannot get another win).