Boston College-Louisville Game Reactions: Team, Media, and Fans


The Louisville game reactions did not offer much good to say from a largely speechless Boston College fanbase.

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Those that did have things to say voiced their displeasure at the game the Eagles played on Saturday night, which was a failure on both sides of the football, as well as on special teams.

To tell the story, why not once again turn to Storify. There, as we do every week, we aggregated what the fans, players, and some media had to say about the game.

Boston College-Louisville Game Reactions


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Our Reactions to the Louisville Game Reactions

  • The official position of this website on the loss on Saturday night is “it is what it is.” It is not necessarily indicative of an impending downward spiral, nor does it negate any of the good things done so far this season. Yet, if we are going to be objective, call it what it is: a bad game. The offense stalled out and Tyler Murphy played poorly, the defense could not get off the field enough as the game wore on, and special teams has been a low point. Furthermore, the Eagles got outcoached and it cannot logically be argued otherwise. Truly, this was a team loss.
  • To that end, anyone telling you Murphy is solely to blame is incorrect. Murphy forced too many passes into places they did not belong, but he did not miss the team’s seventh extra point, prevent the defense from covering DeVante Parker, fail to make coaching adjustments, or take several stupid penalties.
  • It’s a good thing we’re already bowl-eligible.