Soaring to Glory Show, November 5, 2014: Slugging Louisville


Soaring to Glory Show, November 5, 2014: The bowl-eligible Boston College Eagles turn their attention to the Louisville Cardinals, who must be eliminated.

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Now “eliminated” is a strong word, and so is “must,” but after some down years, Boston College fans are starting to like getting into bowls every season again. The objective now is to get greedy and continue piling wins up so that nobody can mistake the fact that the Eagles are back.

Soaring to Glory Show, November 5, 2014: Stuffed Turkeys

Boston College got their second win over the Virginia Tech Hokies in as many years on Saturday, getting them to bowl eligibility once more. Kyle and I break down our likes and dislikes about the game, as well as a word on whether or not change is coming in Blacksburg.

Soaring to Glory Show, November 5, 2014: Petrino Is Coming

Next up are the aforementioned Louisville Cardinals. Boston College is 6-3, as are the Cardinals, but in the second to last home game, the Eagles want to get back on the winning side in front of their own fans and clinch at least another seven-win season.

Kyle and I discuss what the Eagles will need to do to win against Louisville’s tough defense, and what a win would mean for the Eagles going forward.

Soaring to Glory Show, November 5, 2014: Bowlward Ho

We have been waiting weeks to have this discussion, but now we can have it: What bowls do we think would be good fits for Boston College? Which bowl would we prefer? Which would we rather avoid?

And, as always, we will toss in some Boston College hockey after a weekend split at Denver, and discuss the Boston College-UConn hockey game in progress.

Soaring to Glory Show, November 5, 2014: Join the Fun

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