Louisville at Boston College: Louisville Offense vs. BC Defense

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Sep 20, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston College defensive lineman

Brian Mihalik

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Louisville Offense vs. BC Defense: Stat Analysis

It is staggering to look at those numbers if you are a Boston College fan. How did this defense get so — good?

No, it does not always feel like it, but sometimes, you are what your numbers say you are. This is quickly becoming an elite run defense, and a very good one overall despite some lapses here and there. Every defense is prone to them, but it seems as though the Eagles are having a lot fewer than they used to have.

Louisville has moved the football with Will Gardner at quarterback this season, and he has proven an efficient passer. His completion percentage could be better, and let’s face it, Teddy Bridgewater is a tough act to follow, but he has not been a liability.

What stands out is Louisville’s lack of prowess with the run. If they are not careful, Saturday could be another one of those 50-yards-rushing days for the Eagles defense.

Louisville Offense vs. BC Defense: Key Matchup

LB Josh Keyes vs. anyone in his way. Keyes, the bringer of pain, leads the Eagles in both tackles for a loss and sacks. He has a habit of being in the right place at the right time and dealing out some vicious (clean) hits. Gardner could find himself having a bad day if Keyes punches through the offensive line on a blitz, but he has also been instrumental in helping shut down opposing run games.

Louisville Offense vs. BC Defense: Louisville Names to Know

Sophomore RB Brandon Radcliff is Louisville’s leading rusher with 395 yards on the season and six touchdowns.

Sophomore WR James Quick has 459 receiving yards to lead the Cardinals.

5th-year senior TE Gerald Christian has the most receiving touchdowns with four.

Senior left tackle Jamon Brown is the biggest guy on the field at 326 pounds.

Louisville Offense vs. BC Defense: Final Analysis

Louisville is not a bad offensive team this season, but at the end of the day, they are little more than average. That plays into Boston College’s hands, and yet, it doesn’t.

The Eagles have been streaky even within games, playing some stretches of very solid defense and then giving up easy scores, or in reverse order. There is no telling what one will get from this team.

Yet, the most fair analysis seems to be that Boston College, especially given that their run defense is likely to stop Louisville cold in its tracks, will put forth at least one extended period where they give up next to nothing on defense, and then somehow allow a furious rally. Even in spite of that, the Eagles look to be the better unit.

Louisville Offense vs. BC Defense: BC favored