Top 5 Most Difficult Boston College Hockey Games: 2014-15

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When your team is expected to win a bunch of games, it can seem difficult to synthesize a Top 5 most difficult Boston College hockey games list, but just because the team performs well does not mean the games will be simple.

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As Boston College fans, we are accustomed to seeing our programs make life more challenging for themselves. Though the hockey team has largely been impervious to this tendency, Jerry York is not downplaying any opponent.

Here is a look at what we believe are the five toughest games on the schedule this season.

Top 5 Most Difficult Boston College Hockey Games:
5.) at Boston University, January 16, 2015

It seems strange to be writing dates for 2015. Isn’t that the year we were supposed to have flying cars and flux capacitors?

We’ll have to settle for the Eagles flying up and down the ice at Agganis, but as we see even in victories, Boston College’s hated rivals down the street rarely make things easy.

Some believe the Terriers are due to bounce back after a dismal first year sans Jack Parker, and they might be correct. Either way, Boston College can plan on a dogfight (no pun intended).