Week 6 College Football Picks: Pick Six


Time for the Week 6 college football picks, where unlike on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the points do matter.

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This is because we pick against the spread, giving or taking said points as we see fit.

As always, please note that there are no ACC games here as those are picked separately on Friday, and our crack legal team wishes to remind you that these picks are in no way to be construed as advice, nor are they meant to condone gambling.

Now that we’ve moved beyond the formalities, here are the picks.

Week 6 College Football Picks: Pick One

Arizona at Oregon (-24)
Thursday, 10:30pm ET (ESPN)

Oregon is Soaring to Glory’s new number one team, so we can’t well pick the Ducks to lose outright to Arizona. In fact, it’s possible that Arizona could score a lot of points, as their offense has looked very good so far.

Rich Rod’s problem is that Oregon’s offense is other-worldly, and the Wildcats’ defense is some shade of average. Oregon lost to Arizona last season on the road and they’re going to set things right tonight, but not with a spread that big. Arizona +24

Week 6 College Football Picks: Pick Two

Utah State at BYU (-21)
Friday, 10:15pm ET (ESPN)

BYU could actually run the table if you look at their schedule. On the other end, Chuckie Keeton, whose 2014 was so-so up until his injury against Wake Forest, might not play against the Cougars. This is shaping up like a big win for the home team. BYU -21

Week 6 College Football Picks: Pick Three

Alabama (-7) at Mississippi
Saturday, 3:30pm ET (CBS)

The game pretty much everybody will be watching, as it features Alabama and is a huge test for Ole Miss. Both teams have great defenses so far, but Alabama’s offense has been a little better. That might be the difference in this game, in going against a team that hasn’t beaten Alabama since Eli Manning was their quarterback.

Don’t underestimate the crowd factor, though, as Oxford is going to be hopping. Alabama -7

Week 6 College Football Picks: Pick Four

Oklahoma (-6) at TCU
Saturday, 3:30pm ET (Fox)

The game much fewer people will be watching because it’s on opposite Alabama/Ole Miss. It has to be said that TCU has done a very good job so far and deserve to be ranked for their efforts, but the Sooners are by far the best team they have faced so far.

This will be a big test for the TCU defense, as Oklahoma is averaging about 45 points per game and have played some legit teams, though TCU might also be the best team the Sooners have faced so far as well. If Oklahoma isn’t looking ahead to the Red River Shootout next week, they should win a game that resembles the West Virginia contest, but probably lower-scoring. Oklahoma -6

Week 6 College Football Picks: Pick Five

Nebraska at Michigan State (-8)
Saturday, 8pm ET (ABC)

Michigan State has the look of a complete team, but their offense has only exploded against the lousy teams on their schedule. Against the best team, Oregon, they still did respectably. Nebraska has been equally good, though they have not met a team as good as Sparty.

If there’s any antidote for Ameer Abdullah, it’s probably the Michigan State run defense. Nevertheless, this looks like a close game. Nebraska +8

Week 6 College Football Picks: Pick Six

LSU at Auburn (-7)
Saturday, 7pm ET (ESPN)

LSU took down Auburn last season in Death Valley when Les Miles’ kids were the better team; now, the Fightin’ Gus Malzahns are better, and the tables might well turn at Auburn. Auburn -7