Pittsburgh at Boston College: 5 Big Questions

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Pittsburgh at Boston College: 5 Big Questions — #4

Will the Eagles thrive under the lights on ESPN, and will there be crowd energy to boost them?

The last time they had a game like this on a non-Saturday, they won over Wake Forest. Then again, that’s Wake Forest, a basement-dweller who recently just foisted a football abomination upon the world, so they don’t really count.

This is the first of consecutive prime-time games Boston College will play, so if they can’t get up for these, then when can they?

As for the crowd energy, attendance will probably be in the 40,000 range — not necessarily a packed house (next week against USC will be), but not the sort of crowd we will see against, say, Maine. It will likely be a typical Boston College football crowd, and you can fill in the informational gaps for what that sounds like however you wish.

The key here is that the players can motivate themselves, and maybe a little pyrotechnic display will make things livelier.