Boston College at UMass: 5 Big Questions

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Boston College at UMass: 5 Big Questions

2.) Will the lack of wide receiver depth hurt Boston College?

Probably not on Saturday, but look for the Minutemen to try to exploit it, anyway.

As has been the theme of the last few questions, Boston College should never strive for “okay” — when we make our picks and say the Eagles will just sneak into a bowl game, we say that in hopes that they do far better — but “okay” is sometimes all they will need to win.

A lot of the success of the passing game depends on how Boston College chooses to employ it. Everyone and their cousin knows that the Eagles are going to run until legs start falling off, but here and there, Tyler Murphy will have to throw it. The Eagles could be successful with shorter routes, screens, and dinks-and-dunks. It just needs to be “okay,” and by that we mean not necessarily an asset, but not a liability, either.

Not having much of a deep threat will definitely hurt in future games, but unless UMass suddenly has it in them to make this game a track meet or they are causing myriad other problems for the Eagles, it probably will not this weekend.