2014 Boston College Football Schedule by Difficulty: Bottom 6

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2014 Boston College Football Schedule by Difficulty

8. at North Carolina State (October 11)

This could be the toss-up game of the year, with the main difference between it and Colorado State being that this is on the road, and the Eagles have lately not been successful in Raleigh.

It’s funny, though, because Colorado State seems like the more winnable game, even though NC State is probably the inferior team. Boston College is going to plan on winning both contests, but it has been a while since their last win at Carter-Finley Stadium — 2008, to be exact, and that was to date their only win in Raleigh as members of the ACC.

Even though it is a small sample size, the Eagles will have to turn back a tiny bit of history here to get their first win at NC State in six years. Nevertheless, were the game to be held now, the point spread would either be even or very slightly favorable to one side or the other. Neither team has a clear advantage in this game to come in about a month and a half, but it is definitely winnable for the Eagles.