Sonny Milano to Bypass Boston College, Sign with Columbus Blue Jackets


There is to be no Boston College education in Sonny Milano’s future, as he informed Jerry York today that he will not play hockey on the Heights.

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Milano, the top Boston College incoming recruit who was drafted in late June by the Columbus Blue Jackets, has gone back on a statement he made just a week and a half ago, deciding to bypass a potential college hockey career and skip straight to the professional level.

"Less games gives you more time to work out. You’re playing against older guys. Just BC as well. It’s one of the better colleges in history, Jerry York is a great coach, he knows what he’s doing. It’s the best way to get to the NHL.Sonny Milano (“Columbus first-rounder Milano confirms BC commitment,” Dhiren Mahiban, Pro Hockey Talk)"

Here is the essence of what Jerry York had to say, in addition to most likely wishing him well:

This news is going to sting for Boston College fans, who are used to seeing top prospects come to the school and stick around for a few years. Typically not all four, but almost never zero. Combine that with the fact that he reaffirmed his commitment to the Eagles earlier this month, and there is probably going to be a bit of resentment on the part of the program’s supporters.

We can guess why Sonny Milano changed his mind, though we may never know the truth. He was probably under a great deal of pressure from the Blue Jackets and perhaps others to sign, and ultimately, the choice was his.

Sonny Milano has done what he thinks is best for his career, and we do wish him the best, but it does bring to mind one fundamental truth: at Boston College, we want guys who want to be here. With Milano, his whole time in Chestnut Hill might have been clouded with questions of when he was bolting for the NHL. At least the issue is settled.

As for what this means for the 2014-15 Eagles hockey team, it just lost its best player. It is hard to believe that Boston College is going to be talent-deficient, even without Johnny Gaudreau and now Sonny Milano, but that’s a significant hit in production the team just took. There is no need to panic at this point, but the line chart will change for sure.