Eagles Football: 2014 Boston College Tight Ends Preview

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2014 Boston College Tight Ends Preview: Jarrett Darmstatter, possible starter

Our Preview: Jarrett Darmstatter, TE

Darmstatter only has one fewer game of Boston College experience than Giacone, and is no more or less likely to get a starting role. He was on his way to doing so in 2013, but an injury to his ankle early in the season sidelined him.

It is quite possible that Darmstatter will find his way back to the (nebulous) fullback position and stay there, supplanting Bobby Wolford, but the (also nebulous) tight end position needs his help.

Once again, it is notable that Darmstatter has recorded no receptions over the course of his Boston College career to date.

2014 Boston College Tight Ends Preview: Louie Addazio, likely backup

Our Preview: Louie Addazio, TE

Addazio is probably not going to be the starter just because his father is the head coach. Some coaches who have their children on their teams use them like a drama club director mom who gives her kid all the lead roles; Steve Addazio does not seem like that sort of guy.

If the young Addazio is going to get onto the field, he will have to play his way there. His playing career started at Syracuse, but he jumped at the opportunity to be coached by his father at Boston College. Prior to the transfer, he did not make it into any games, but at Boston College, he did get into 11 games.

It is likely that Louie Addazio will appear in most contests for the Eagles this season, but most likely as a backup.