ACC Summer Football Check-in with Florida State’s Chop Chat

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(2) STG: … Do you think the new playoff format will impact FSU’s chance at another title this season?

Visser: I’ve always wanted a playoff and am happy that we’ve finally arrived at one that still utilizes the big-bowl venues. Like other playoff formats (CWS, NCAA Tourney), it stresses getting hot at the right time—but a team still has to perform throughout the year to make the final four in the first place. It could favor the ‘Noles over teams from other conferences, given the mediocrity of the ACC Coastal division opponent that they would play in the conference championship game, assuming they make it that far. An undefeated power-conference team will be in, regardless of how inferior its conference championship opponent is.

On the other hand, if the Coastal is too sketchy, it could hurt FSU’s chances, especially if it enters with a loss and needs the game to impress the committee.

Regarding the subjectivity discussed by Patrik, I tend to agree. Most believe that the BCS formula typically got it right by matching the top two teams in the title game. If that was the case, then why not keep the system and have faith that if it correctly delivered the top two, it could do the same for the top four.