Linked to the Heights, July 19: Kevin Hayes, NHL Target

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Former Boston College Eagles hockey first-liner Kevin Hayes is getting the attention of NHL teams and others.

He played for a couple national champions and has the size, skill, and pedigree to be a successful professional hockey player. He also spent the last four years taking his marching (skating?) orders from Jerry York, the best in the business. Why wouldn’t NHL teams want him?

Now, with word that the Chicago Blackhawks might not close out the deal with him, other teams are potentially evaluating how Kevin Hayes fits into their plans.

Boston College Hockey

Rangers plot move for Boston College stud Kevin Hayes

(New York Post, Larry Brooks)

Cap-challenged B’s should keep eye on BC’s Hayes

(CSN New England, Joe Haggerty)

Either one of these two Original Six franchises would be fine fits for Kevin Hayes, who brings a very competent, NHL-ready offensive game. The last two Eastern Conference champions are reshuffling their forward lines, and in the Bruins’ case specifically, Hayes appears to be a more cost-effective option for them.

Of course, he could end up with Chicago after all, and that wouldn’t be a bad place for him to land, either.