Top 5 Boston College Football Freshmen to Watch in 2014

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Top 5 Boston College Football Freshmen to Watch in 2014

1 (tie). Jon Hilliman and Marcus Outlow, RB

Here’s why this is a tie: our theory is that either Hilliman or Outlow will play. Probably not both, but almost certainly at least one of them.

Again citing the Phil Steele preview, he notes (and we agree) that either one of the two above could possibly even win the starting job outright if they perform well enough this summer. This is not to cast aspersions on such players as Myles Willis or Tyler Rouse, but these are two talented kids.

The reality is that Boston College is now a run-first team under Steve Addazio, and therefore the feature back is going to be front and center in pushing this offense. Hilliman or Outlow are both capable of being at least the primary backup to Willis or Rouse, and in Hilliman’s case in particular, he features a big body a la Andre Williams and good speed.

Whichever one gets the most playing time is going to have a significant impact on the flow of the offense, and therefore the success or failure of the team as a whole.