Top 5 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players

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Top 5 2014 Boston College Football Impact Players

2. Myles Willis, RB

How does one follow up the best season a Boston College running back has had in the history of the program?

Ask Myles Willis: it’s most likely his job now.

This is not to say that other players will not be around to complement him; in fact, it would be prudent for the Eagles to invest snaps in a bigger, downhill-running type of back a la Andre Williams to give defenses two different looks. It worked in 2013 with tremendous success.

Nobody should reasonably expect Willis to go out there and replicate what Williams did. That was a very special individual season where everything came together; it wouldn’t be fair to expect the same of Willis, even with most of the same offensive line still in place.

However, what Eagles fans will need to expect is that he is going to keep the football moving. He may only be a sophomore, but so was Montel Harris when he had his big breakout year in 2009. It can be done, and with the amount of offense that will be tied to the run, a lot will be on his shoulders.