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Boston College Hockey

Demko launched hockey success in Windsor (The Windsor Star, Bob Duff)

This Canadian newspaper article takes a look at Boston College goalie and hot NHL Draft prospect Thatcher Demko, who began his rise to prominence in their town of Windsor, Ontario. There, Demko competed in the World Under-17s and took home a silver medal as part of Team USA.

Boston College Fandom

Superfan Slogan Update, V17 (Heights and Lows, Dave Levy)

God bless you for single-handledly keeping Boston College fans entertained during the vacant nothingness of the college sports offseason.

Of course, Soaring to Glory is our number one vote but the editor of this site went to the school during a time where the slogans were good and the teams were better. How easy it was to take these things for granted back in the day.