Boston College Football 2014: Cameron Croteau, TE


Entries and exits to the football roster are not necessarily confined to recruit signing day and graduation day. Players like Cameron Croteau, a new face on the roster, join up for spring practice.

Boston College football does not have a completed biography page on this young man, so we are going to endeavor to aggregate as much relevant information as possible.

Cameron Croteau comes to Boston College from California, having played defensive tackle for his high school in the San Francisco Bay Area. His senior year was 2012, and this is what we know of it:

He looks like a big guy, especially on the field with a bunch of other high school kids for whom playing college football was not necessarily on the agenda. Of course, in that video, he was also playing on the defensive line, but that’s not how Boston College lists him.

When Croteau joined this team for 2014 spring football, the Eagles marked him down as a tight end. It appears that will be his role going forward.

Croteau also played high school baseball, and strangely enough those statistics are more easily accessible than football. In case you were wondering, as a senior, he hit .269 with a .364 OBP playing first base. You want some power and production out of your corner infielders and it looks like he delivered.

Anyhoo, back to football:

Cameron Croteau #49: Fast Facts

  • Position: Tight end
  • Hometown: Novato, California
  • High School: Marin Catholic High School, Kentfield, CA
  • Measurements: 6-foot-4, 224 lb.
  • Class year: Freshman
  • BC games played: 0

Cameron Croteau #49: 2013 Season

  • Was not on 2013 Fall roster
  • Appeared on Spring 2014 roster

If Croteau gets playing time in 2014, it would be in one of two roles: on special teams or as a backup blocking tight end. Having been a defensive lineman, his pass-catching abilities are not known to us, but if he’s good at shaking off blockers, with any luck, he can keep the other team’s defenders in front of him.

The highlight of him punching through and blocking a kick was encouraging in the event that special teams becomes his role.