Enjoy Your Memorial Day, Boston College Fans


Soaring to Glory would like to wish Boston College fans and all readers on the FanSided network a happy and safe Memorial Day.

Memorial Day in the United States conjures up a number of images. Perhaps it will mark your first trip to the beach, the weekend where you open the pool, or just great barbecue eats on a day off from work. Those things all are common and fun, and nothing for which anyone has to apologize.

It is, however, important for us to take a moment out of our busy plans to remember why it is that this holiday exists. Memorial Day may mean barbecued spare ribs and working on your tan after a long, harsh winter, but it also stands for sacrifice. Many brave men and women who came before us fought for the freedom we enjoy today; all gave some, but some gave all.

The suffering and sacrifice of those in uniform who lost their lives in defense of our flag, our nation, and our way of life are the real reason for this day today. Even if only in some small way, please join with us in honoring them.

From a Boston College perspective on this 2014 Memorial Day, you can learn more about those affiliated with our university who served and who made the ultimate sacrifice. The school maintains a Veterans Memorial directory of our alumni who died in the service of their country. None of them deserve to be forgotten.

Enjoy your Memorial Day and remember our fallen brothers and sisters.