2013-14 Year in Review, Part IV: Boston College Men’s Hockey

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2013-14 Boston College Men’s Hockey: After the season

It was tough to hide collective disappointment around here, but a day after the 2013-14 Boston College men’s hockey season ended, some history was made. As widely expected, Johnny Gaudreau was handed the 2014 Hobey Baker Award in Philadelphia. Some believed he should have won in 2013, but there was no denying him this year with his 80-point season, far outpacing the rest of college hockey.

Notably, Kevin Hayes was second in Division I with 65 points, but the voters were not going to put two Eagles in the “Hobey hat trick” ceremony.

Gaudreau and Bill Arnold were then whisked off to Calgary, where they signed contracts to play for the Calgary Flames. They made their NHL debuts days later, and Johnny Gaudreau did Johnny Gaudreau things:

The program was lucky to have him and these other talented players and will miss their contributions, but Boston College men’s hockey is going to be fine. It always seems to be.