Boston College Football 2014: Kevin Bletzer, S


Acquiring local talent has been a major recruiting action item for Steve Addazio and his Boston College Eagles coaching staff. Kevin Bletzer, an incoming freshman safety, couldn’t get much more local if he tried.

The newcomer is out of Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury, which, on an average day, is about a 15-minute drive to Boston College. Bletzer did not have to travel far for his visits, official or unofficial, and probably knew something of the history of the program before joining.

That verbal commitment from Kevin Bletzer came on June 16 of last year, which made him nowhere near the first commit for the 2014 signing class, but nowhere near the last, either.

If for no other reason, there is further evidence that Bletzer chose the right school to attend: at Catholic Memorial, he also played hockey. There is plenty of that in supply at the Heights — good hockey at that — even if he’s not on the ice.

Regardless, football is the matter at hand, and the position for which Bletzer was recruited is part of the rebuilding project knows as the defensive secondary. Boston College football needs help most everywhere behind the linebackers.

Kevin Bletzer: Fast Facts

  • Position: Safety

Bletzer also reportedly played cornerback, linebacker, running back, fullback, tight end — you get the idea.

  • Hometown: Medfield, Massachusetts
  • High School: Catholic Memorial, West Roxbury, MA
  • Measurements: 6-foot-1, 183 lb.
  • Class year at 2014 opener: Freshman
  • BC games played: None yet

Kevin Bletzer: 2013 Season (HS)

Come on, high school coaches: put some stats on MaxPreps, will ya?

  • Did not appear on Spring 2014 roster; still in high school

Both starting safeties, Sean Sylvia and Dominique Williams, are going to be back in 2014. That doesn’t mean there aren’t openings elsewhere in the secondary, however. What will probably happen at this point is that Bletzer redshirts for the 2014 season, save for attrition by either program dropouts or injury. He is a versatile player, which adds to his usefulness to Addazio and company, but it is quite difficult to see him getting a starting role at this very early stage in his Eagles career.