The Soaring to Glory Show, May 7: The Season Finale


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What happens when your radio co-host goes home for the summer? You have to have a season finale.

The Soaring to Glory Show on Wednesday night will wrap up the 2013-14 year in Boston College sports, from how it started to how it ended, and everything in between.

Kyle and I will also talk about the upcoming massive preview series for the 2014 Boston College football season, which begins on Soaring to Glory tomorrow, as well as the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft. Andre Williams is most likely to be drafted, albeit on the third day (Saturday), but who else has a shot? Who has the best chance of sticking around in the pros?

There might also be a generous amount of conversation regarding how the hosts plan to spend their summer vacation. One answer to that question is podcasting: though likely not weekly, as the summer progresses, expect some remote podcasting from the STG crew.

To listen in to the season finale, tune to or Channel 47 on the Boston College campus. (Come on, kids, you need a distraction from your studying, assuming that’s what you’re doing. On finals week when I went there, I mostly just played catch with my roommates and watched TV.) If you’re brave enough to call in, 617-552-0152.