Andre Williams, 2014 NFL Draft: What They’re Saying

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Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

By all expectations, an NFL team is going to use a draft pick on Andre Williams in the 2014 NFL Draft. Which one is up for debate, as are the precise round and pick.

Nevertheless, things are looking favorable for the Boston College Eagle, who was a Heisman finalist a matter of months ago.

For weeks, we have been examining what the mock drafts predict of Andre Williams’ future, but we must also solicit the opinions of others. He will go down as a memorable Boston College Eagle for certain, but none of that matters in the pros. How does he translate to the NFL, and just as importantly, what teams have a need at running back that think he might be a good fit?

Let’s start with the media and bloggers’ evaluations of Andre Williams.

Hartford Courant

"Good vision, power, lean. Enough speed but lacks 2nd gear."

Black & Teal (FanSided’s Jacksonville Jaguars site)

"AVOID: Andre Williams – Andre was easily one of the better RBs in college football the last couple of years. Playing in the ACC though, aside from FSU you could question the competition. He has shown no ability to catch the ball. He is lacking in pass protection. What I have a problem with is he has a build (5-11, 230 lbs) is comparable to other RBs like Falcons Jason Snelling (never a starter), Panthers Jonathon Stewart (constantly hurt), 49ers Marcus Lattimore (came into the league hurt), Cardinals Jonathon Dwyer & Robert Hughes (non-factors), & Eagles Chris Polk (WHO?!?). Now, Packer Eddie Lacy is an example of a successful RB this size but he is rare. He also got slower from his combine to his pro day, which is a red flag."

Battle Red Blog (doing a Houston Texans-only mock draft)

"Pick #190 – RB Andre Williams, Boston College While Brett may not agree with me, I thought Andre Williams at this point was the best available player on the board. I don’t trust Andre Brown to stay healthy, and I’m not quite sure Foster will either. Williams may not be as versatile as Foster or Thomas, but he’s a solid blocker and a good runner. I’ll take him as a two-down back and look for De’Anthony Thomas to do work on third down."

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