Boston College in the 2014 NFL Draft: April 25 Update


Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks from today, on Friday, May 9, we still might not have had a Boston College Eagle picked in the 2014 NFL Draft, but chances are we’ll be very close.

It looks more and more like there will not be back-to-back draft shutouts for the Eagles. At least one entry, Andre Williams, figures to be scooped up at Radio City. The real question that exists now is how many beyond that. Could it be two? Might three Boston College Eagles get drafted? Or will we have to settle for just one?

Few people are privileged with access to an NFL war room, so mock drafts are all we have. The numbers in [brackets] represent how much the player has risen or fallen since the last update over a week ago.

Boston College in the 2014 NFL Draft: April 25 Mocks

Andre Williams, RB

DraftSite: Round 4, Pick 110 Overall: St. Louis Rams [-9 spots]
Drafttek: Round 4, Pick 123 Overall: Cincinnati Bengals [±0]
NFL Draft Geek: Round 5, Pick 148 Overall: Minnesota Vikings [±0]
WalterFootball: Round 5, Pick 155 Overall: Miami Dolphins [±0]

Kevin Pierre-Louis, LB

NFL Draft Geek: Round 4, Pick 113 Overall: New York Giants [±0]
WalterFootball: Round 4, Pick 117 Overall: Chicago Bears [+39]

Matt Patchan, OT

Drafttek: Round 5, Pick 169 Overall: New Orleans Saints [+2]

Boston College in the 2014 NFL Draft: Player Ranges

Andre Williams: Round 4 to Round 5 [Mean: Round 4, Pick 134]
Kevin Pierre-Louis: Round 4 to undrafted
Matt Patchan: Round 5 to undrafted

Undrafted on All

• Alex Amidon, WR (reportedly out of football)
• Steele Divitto, LB
• Kasim Edebali, DE
• Nate Freese, K
• Al Louis-Jean, CB
• Kaleb Ramsey, DT
• Chase Rettig, QB
• Ian White, OT

KPL has risen up on one particular board, jumping an extra round to the fourth for the Chicago Bears. Otherwise, Andre Williams and Matt Patchan are holding steady. If there are only two Eagles taken at Radio City, they would be Andre Williams and Kevin Pierre-Louis. Anything beyond Andre is gravy for Boston College fans, but there seems to be at least a chance that the former Heisman finalist will not be the only Eagle selected.