2014 Marathon Monday at Boston College


It’s Marathon Monday at Boston College and in a number of eastern Massachusetts locales.

At around this point one year ago, we were talking about the festivities that surround this day at our university and others. There is no class — and there wouldn’t be this year, anyway, as this Marathon Monday falls immediately after Easter. Boston College would have to be closed no matter what, as the school lies directly along the route and all travel along Commonwealth Avenue through Newton and into Brighton will be impossible.

Further, the weather typically starts warming up at about this time of year, and the Mods have grills. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what a bunch of college kids do on a day where everything is closed and the whole city is celebrating.

We spoke of these things last year until about 3pm, when the Boston Marathon, Marathon Monday, and the City of Boston were changed forever.

One year later, Marathon Monday means something different to us than it did in the past. This is not merely about individual fun: it’s a sign of our resiliency as a city and community at large. Those who are running are a testament to the character and willpower of Boston, that we will remember the needless, tragic sacrifices of those who lost their lives and others who are still suffering to this day, but that Boston will not cower in fear.

Whether at Boston College or anywhere in this city or commonwealth, we come together today as one people. Every step taken on the course and every onlooker who gathers to cheer them on says to the enemies of the good that this city is not going to break. You can hurt us, but we get back up off the ground. You have no power over us.

This idea is something bigger than the sum of its parts, but those parts — the residents who form the community — are what make this place so great. Boston is still strong, and will keep on being strong.

Enjoy your Marathon Monday. Enjoy it for those who cannot enjoy it with us. Enjoy it for the place you call home.