Boston College Celebrates Its City of Boston


In keeping with what this day means to the Boston College community and the City of Boston as a whole, it seems inappropriate to proceed with business as usual.

It does, however, seem honorable to take a moment to focus attention where it truly matters.

Nobody in our great city needs a lengthy retrospective to know what happened on this day a year ago. You all know what happened, where you were, and how you felt.

You also know that if you’re like me and many others at Boston College and in the city, you have never been prouder to be a part of Boston.

Life must continue, and next week, Boston College will again be directly part of the Boston Marathon. With that in mind, remember those who lost their lives and continue to suffer because of that day, but also celebrate the place you call home. Remember how the entire community came together, complete with incredible acts of charity and overwhelming support, even from Boston College’s student body itself. Remember that even if you’re just a student on the Heights, you are part of a great city with character and resolve.

Boston College stands by its home city, today and every day.