Boston College Basketball: What Could the 2014-15 Roster Look Like?



After news that Ryan Anderson would transfer out of Boston College’s basketball program, and with Olivier Hanlan on the fence, who will be here next year?

Nobody is saying that there are irreplaceable guys on the roster, nor should anyone in their right mind argue that the teams of the last three years should hold a warm place in our hearts (as a matter of fact, I think those teams came straight from another warm, unholy place), but losing the second-best and one of the few relatively competent players on the team is never good.

Boston College’s misery could be compounded when Hanlan announces his NBA Draft decision. Anderson’s choice may or may not have any role in what he decides, but it would certainly seem unlikely that Hanlan will voluntarily sign up for another year of this, much like when Reggie Jackson bolted for the NBA just prior to the massive 2011 reboot. Having played for such bad teams, that he’s on draft boards is impressive in itself, and given that the Eagles are likely to struggle for at least the immediate future, his draft stock might not get much higher than it is now.

All of this leaves some big questions about who will actually be on Boston College basketball’s roster next season. Please kindly note that the Eagles presently have zero inbound 2014 recruits — Jeremy Miller is a 2015 commit.

Apparently Returning (alphabetically)
John Cain Carney
KC Caudill
Dennis Clifford
Sam Donahue
Alex Dragicevich
Patrick Heckmann
Darryl Hicks
Lonnie Jackson
Drew Jacobs
Will Magarity
Eddie Odio
Garland Owens
Steve Perpiglia
Joe Rahon

Olivier Hanlan

Ryan Anderson (transfer)
Danny Rubin (graduation)

Needless to say, Boston College might end up having a pretty weak rotation in 2014-15 if Hanlan leaves as well. A healthy Dennis Clifford could make some impact, though likely not as much as the media seems to think he would have made this season. Darryl Hicks could have contributed if not for his major injury, but he remains a question mark. Otherwise, there is a lot of either underdeveloped talent or bench-warmers.

The non-conference schedule next season will be intentionally dumbed-down to School-of-the-Blind proportions, but that still might not be enough with a lack of proven ability on the roster.