Soaring to Glory Show, April 2: Frozen Fours and Coaching Hires


The Soaring to Glory Show tonight will be another doozy, that we can promise.

Seriously, this is a lot of Boston College sports to cram into one hour. We almost couldn’t keep up last week with the college hockey and dispelling the media rumors of basketball coaching hires.

Of course, by the time this article is published (two hours before showtime), Boston College might have a new men’s basketball coach, in which case, we will pass initial judgment and discuss the implications therein. If not, consider Kyle and I to be your facilitators as we engage in a form of group therapy to get through this process together. (The same will apply if the school hires someone unworthy.)

But hey, whether or not we’re going to be horribly disappointed by the basketball situation, there’s no chance of it when it comes to Boston College hockey. The Eagles are off to the Frozen Four, and we’ll start examining the national matchups.

To listen to the show, join us on If you’re a student on Boston College’s beautiful campus, listen on Channel 47. Finally, if you so desire, call in at 617-552-0152.