Poll: Fan Expectations for the Boston College Basketball Coaching Hire


Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Fifteen days ago, Brad Bates announced a vacancy in the Boston College basketball coaching position.

That’s how long Steve Donahue has been out the door, at least officially, and there is still no news from the school.

The national hoops media and local sports writers have reported a great deal of rumor and speculation, most of the time citing oft-discredited former Globe journos, but Boston College has said nothing.

There is anxiousness building in the fanbase. What are your expectations for the Boston College basketball coaching hire? Do you figure it will be a small-potatoes guy (for what has become a small-potatoes program), or will Bates hit a home run for the maroon and gold?

This begs many additional questions, some of which will be answered soon. A big one is “What kind of program does Boston College basketball want to be?” Another might be “What kind of program will the athletics budget allow it to be?” Finally, another to consider is “Does Boston College need a big name to rebuild the smoldering wreckage left over the last several years?”