Boston College Tuesday Link Dump: Jim Christian, Flavor Du Jour


Eric P. Mull-USA TODAY Sports

Wildly grasping at rumor and speculation, the college hoops media has tossed Ohio Bobcats coach Jim Christian onto the Boston College coaching search wall, hoping he sticks.

Chances are he won’t, because these folks are batting just below the Mendoza line on Boston College basketball matters since the ACC Tournament, but you never know.

BC Basketball: Report: Ohio’s Christian ‘Legit Candidate’ For BC Hoops and REPORT: Ohio’s Jim Christian A ‘Legit Candidate’ For Open Boston College Job

You see this grain of salt? It’s not enough: take the whole canister.

Admit it: none of you even heard of Jim Christian before Pete Thamel deemed him a “legit candidate” yesterday. It seems fairly safe to say that he would be a fairly uninspiring, small-potatoes hire when Boston College needs a program-changer. (Spare me, Ohio fans: I have nothing against your school, but this isn’t the MAC.)

But should you even believe Jim Christian is actually a candidate? Not if you take it from Mark Blaudschun, the former Globe writer who is on a quest to name every college basketball coach in America the “leading” candidate so that he can ultimately say he guessed right. (You know which beat writers not to trust? The ones who cite him in their articles about Boston College hoops.) As for Thamel, the ordinarily-solid reporter who “broke” the Jim Christian rumor, he recently took a big swing-and-a-miss on Steve Donahue’s job status.

Until Brad Bates says it, don’t believe it. And Brad, when it comes to this, don’t say it.

BC Basketball: Pollock: Why shouldn’t Schmidt talk to Boston College?

Better question: Why should Boston College talk to Schmidt?

BC Hockey: Jerry York has Boston College in hunt for another title

On a lighter note, at least we know Jerry York is the right fit for his program, and he’s looking to hoist another trophy.