2014 NCAA Hockey Tournament: Bracket Picks


Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Alternate Headline: Boston College Blog Offers Biased View of NCAA Tournament

Let’s face it, the Boston College Eagles are a very good hockey team, despite the tail-off in the last few games against Notre Dame. Besides, if I didn’t pick them to win the whole thing, I’d be fielding some mighty angry e-mails and tweets, and we can’t let that happen, can we.

Nevertheless, I filled this bracket out in about two minutes and this is intended for fun only. Your mileage may vary.

Who do you like in these NCAA Tournament games?

Remember, this time we’re experimenting with the radial bracket as a new way of visualizing the tournament. If you can’t comprehend what you’re seeing, that’s a Frozen Four of Boston College, Minnesota, Union, and Ferris State. The goal is to get to the center, and that big interlocking “BC” is the only thing there.