The Soaring to Glory Show, March 26: Of Hockey and Hoops Coaches


Last week, being the day after the firing of Steve Donahue, our Soaring to Glory Show focused about 59/60ths on college basketball.

With the NCAA Hockey Tournament just days away, we promise a little more balance.

This week’s program with Joe and Kyle will be approximately half college hockey and half rampant rumor and speculation on the Boston College basketball coaching search. How does the hockey team’s bracket look? Who will replace Donahue and does he whistle a lot? All this and more will be discussed.

Tune in at 7pm on WVBC at this link or listen on Channel 47 on campus. Your calls, if you dare, are welcome at 617-552-0152.

Soaring to Glory is also hosting BC Sports Saturday this weekend on 90.3 FM in the Boston area. Information will follow in the coming days.