Top 10 Worst Boston College Basketball Games of the Steve Donahue Era

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, it was a struggle to come up with the five best games of Steve Donahue’s tenure as Boston College basketball coach.

Today, there could have easily been more than ten.

In four years with 76 losses, we had our pick. Which ones set the bar the lowest?

Dishonorable Mention. November 18, 2011: Holy Cross Defeats Boston College, 86-64

The first loss of the Anderson-Rahon-etc. era at Boston College was a 22-point blowout at the hands of Patriot League ancient rival Holy Cross. Boston College got killed on the glass in this one that was an ominous sign of things to come.

Humorously, the Crusaders fans chanted “overrated” near the end of the game, evidently ignorant of the fact that the Eagles were projected to be horrible.

10. November 14, 2013: Toledo Defeats Boston College, 95-92

Boston College desperately needed to win this game to start saving their 2013-14 season, and with about three and a half minutes to go, the Eagles had an eight-point lead at home.

They somehow lost the game by three in regulation, giving up 95 points to a MAC school. Toledo only made two threes for the entire game in so doing, shooting over 57 percent from the field.

It was at this point, with an 0-3 start to the year, that we began to realize this might not be a good season.