BREAKING: Better Know a BC Coach? Jim Calhoun


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Here I am , sitting on my couch writing a series of “Better Know a BC Coach?” articles when something very interesting scrolls across one of my TV screens:

Jim Calhoun?! Where in the hell did that come from? While he would turn 72 before coaching his next game, the 3 time National Champion would definitely make national headlines. These reports are premature but if there are rumors, “Better Know a BC Coach?” is going to be on the scene.

Coaching History:

Connecticut (3 National Championships)

Why Is He Available?

Calhoun left UConn in 2012 a year removed from winning his third National Championship. When he left the job, most assumed it would be for good. He was 69 years old and suffered through a number of health problems throughout his tenure at UConn. But Calhoun is a native of Braintree and its possible that the prospect of coaching so close to his hometown may be just the right situation to get back into the game.

Why Should BC hire him?

Calhoun is unquestionably one of the greatest College Basketball coaches of all-time. He is one of only five coaches to win three or more championships and has coached 27 former or current NBA players. He is a local guy, who knows how important BC has been/could be to the Boston community. Never mistaken for a quiet man, Calhoun would inject some immediate fire and passion into our campus along with his national reputation as an accomplished and meticulous recruiter.

Why Shouldn’t BC hire him?

If Bates truly wants to hire someone who will be with the program long-term, Calhoun would not fit the description. He will be 72 and not a healthy 72 at that. But it is not as if Calhoun will be looking to parlay the BC job into a bigger one. Calhoun also had a less than sterling record of graduating his players, something that dogged him for years at UConn. I am not sure if it had more to do with UConn than it did with Calhoun, but it will be something Bates will look at.

Unless Bates has serious reservations about Calhoun’s physical ability to remain on the sidelines, the reasons for not hiring him seem few. (Don’t even bring up the NCAA sanction in 2009. It was a he said-she said situation that would make Bruce Pearl look like John Dillinger. If this becomes a factor, I will be a very unhappy alum.)

Chances He is the Next Head Coach at Boston College?

I honestly have no idea. This story is still developing and the Wojo tweet is not encouraging. If anything, at least one former Eagle great is intrigued:

Stay tuned to Soaring to Glory as we update this story.