Top 5 Games of the Steve Donahue Era at Boston College

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest: the last four years were slanted against success, but it’s not as though every moment in the Steve Donahue era at Boston College was bad.

It may have taken some effort to fill out five of these, but nevertheless, we’ve got them. What were the best five moments of the last four years in Boston College basketball?

5. November 12, 2010: Boston College Defeats St. Francis (NY)

I know what you’re thinking: why the hell is this game on the list? Were the last four years at Boston College really that bad?

It’s here for specific reasons. This was Steve Donahue’s first game at Boston College, all with Al Skinner’s players, and it was a 79-49 victory in what many believed to be the start of a great coaching tenure. For the mathematically challenged, that is a 30-point margin of victory.

The Eagles would not win a game by that many points again for the remainder of Donahue’s Boston College career. This, in fact, may have been one of the highest points of the Donahue era as the very next game, the Eagles would lose to Yale and away we went.