The Soaring to Glory Show, March 19: Boston College Basketball Bonanza


You may have heard that Boston College hoops made a coaching change yesterday.

Well, we weren’t on the radio yesterday, so we’ll talk about it tonight instead.

Join us for an all-new episode of the Soaring to Glow Show on WVBC tonight at 7pm Eastern, where we tie a bow on the Steve Donahue era at Boston College and begin discussing both potential replacements and the outlook for the program in general.

A brief mention of the Eagles’ disappointing hockey loss might get in there, but that’s a sore subject.

Your calls are welcome at 617-552-0152 and as always, you can tweet at the show @SoaringtoGlory on Twitter.

Listen live on WVBC at this link. If you are on the Boston College campus, you can listen in on Channel 47.