Final Quasi-Bracketology, Selection Sunday

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Quasi-Bracket Explained

So shoot me, I like giving Louisville that one-seed. They are playing about as well as anyone. It was a tough call between them and Michigan, who might end up getting it anyway if they beat Michigan State. I do not agree with Lunardi that Louisville will be a four, and if they are they shouldn’t be.

Putting this together, Syracuse just barely held on the three line. They’re playing like a four right now.

UCLA has played their way up to a solid six thanks to winning the Pac-12 Tournament. Nearly put them on the five line but a six is reasonable.

A month ago, who thought Baylor would be safely in the dance? They’re a seven as I see it now. They’ve got a good enough resume to be in, and they have to be rewarded for their hot Big 12 Tournament as well. They should be no worse than an eight.

Lunardi has Providence as a 12. I don’t agree. I had them pegged as about an 11 or 12 when they were on the bubble (two weeks ago I considered them barely in when many did not); their win at the Garden should move them up. Almost slotted them in as a nine but tempered myself.

My last team in is Cal. Some would disagree and put Dayton in, but I like the resume better by a nose. For me, it was a tough call for the last three. On the ACC end of things, NC State and Florida State just miss out for five bids for the conference.

I love this Stephen F. Austin team and see them as a legitimate 5-12 upset threat. I wouldn’t want to be North Carolina, the team I slotted for them in San Antonio.