2014 ACC Tournament: Boston College’s Draw


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Though everybody and their proverbial cousin already knows how the season will end for Boston College Eagles basketball, the when is still a matter of slight debate.

Last night, the Eagles participated in the final game of the 2013-14 ACC regular season with the NC State Wolfpack. When that game was over, all 15 ACC Tournament seeds were determined. We already knew that the Eagles had a Wednesday date with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, but because we’re into humoring ourselves, we can also check out the rest of the field.

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Whichever team wins the 11-14 game on Wednesday night at 7pm will advance to the late game on Thursday night to face the (6) Clemson Tigers. The winner of that game will play the (3) Duke Blue Devils in the quarterfinals, and from there the opponent possibilities become more complicated. There is no good reason to spell them out, since Boston College is not going that far.

In Georgia Tech, the Eagles drew an opponent to which they lost twice during the regular season. The first of those losses was merely a lousy effort at Conte Forum, while the second was a last-second choke in which the Jackets got an assist from the Eagles coach (“The Timeout” game).

If they were fortunate enough to make it to the second round on Thursday night, they would face Clemson, another team to whom they lost in the regular season. That was a 62-60 defeat at Conte Forum on the day of the “town hall” meeting, in which the Eagles were getting run out of the gym and made a late garbage-time run to make the final score appear palatable.

In the highly unlikely event they make it beyond Clemson, Boston College would face Duke. Let’s put it this way: the Eagles didn’t beat them in the ACC Tournament when they used to be good, so they have no shot whatsoever against them now. Being blunt, Duke doesn’t lose to pushovers like the Eagles in the ACC Tournament. It’s all academic, anyway, as odds are Boston College will be back in Chestnut Hill by Friday night.

A full bracket prediction will be on its way tomorrow, but don’t expect to see that interlocking “BC” moving too far over to the right. This season has been a complete disaster and it will end sooner, not later, in Greensboro.