Happy 5th Birthday, Soaring to Glory


Five years ago this week, a man with a vision stepped from out of the shadows and into the light of Boston College sports content.

Really, it was just me watching the college basketball tournaments in boredom and starting a blog while sitting at home after lunch. That’s how Soaring to Glory began in March 2009.

We’ve come a long way, baby.

The first two of those years were spent elsewhere, while the last three have been on FanSided. Now, this is the second-oldest ACC blog on the network, one of the longest-running collegiate sites, and I, your faithful editor and friend to Boston College sports, am the longest-tenured ACC editor around here.

I don’t do it for any of those distinctions, however: I have maintained Soaring to Glory for the last five years because I love my school. We have seen many good times and bad times, and you might not have always agreed with things I have to say (which is perfectly fine), but there is nothing I would rather do than immerse myself in Eagles sports seven days a week.

As always, I want to thank our visitors. If nobody was coming here, I probably wouldn’t be doing this, but you the readers have been great over the last five years, and may you continue to be for the next five and beyond.