Boston College Friday Link Dump: Player Mis-evaluations


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, coaches make the right calls on players and sometimes, they don’t. Our first link today discusses one where a Boston College coach didn’t.

BC Basketball: Eh! Canadian duo Heslip, Chery big for Baylor

In case you needed to feel more anger about Boston College basketball and the disaster wrought by Steve Donahue, read this article about Brady Heslip, who once sat on Boston College’s bench with Al Skinner until Donahue (allegedly) told him to get lost. Between dumping Heslip and passing on Bryce Cotton, the roster building sure has been stellar.

ACC Basketball: ACC Tournament 2014: Predicting Finals Matchup and Winner in Greensboro

Just for ha-has. Boston College is mentioned once as being in the “doldrums” of the conference. That is the full extent of this team’s relevance right now.

BC Football: Top 50 football recruit profiles: No. 8, Sam Madden

A profile on a 2015 offensive tackle recruit who has an offer from Boston College.

BC Men’s Soccer: Murphy joins BC staff

The soccer team picked up a new assistant head coach this week as John Murphy has taken the job. He was previously the head coach at Division II Anderson University in South Carolina.

Boston College General: Boston College students spend spring break helping Pee Dee

A feel-good story to end this link dump. Note: Pee Dee is not a typo for Pee Wee.