Boston College Friday Link Dump: Alex Amidon, American Hero


Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

There are few greater calls in life than those to serve one’s country. In the midst of a promising football career, a Boston College Eagle has opted to change his plans for America.

BC Football: Boston College receiver hopes to join US Navy Seal team

The all-time leading receiver in Boston College history is leaving the game to serve this great country. He is to be commended for walking away from potential NFL money to pursue a worthy goal. We wish Amidon safety and success in his new career.

BC Football: Brandt: Andre Williams leads overlooked stars of NFL combine

Don’t worry, we didn’t overlook Andre Williams. He’ll land somewhere in the pros.

BC Football: Former LH all-state football player hopes for NFL draft

More on Boston College’s NFL Draft prospects — this time, it’s Kaleb Ramsey, who had a good Combine. His hometown newspaper is clearly excited for him, and so are we on the Heights.

BC Football: Skule Eager to Visit UVa

But 2015 recruit Justin Skule also discussed his trip to Boston College. You need money to read the article.

Boston College General: City of Light, illuminated at Boston College

No, it’s not about Boston College lit up at night, but yes we do have other things going on at the school besides football.