The Soaring to Glory Show, Feb. 19: BC-Syracuse Live Riffing and More


Soaring to Glory is back on the air at the ZBC studios on Wednesday night, 7pm Eastern.

The dominant theme of the show will be the men’s basketball game between the Syracuse Orange and Boston College Eagles, the first half of which will be occurring alongside the show. If you can’t stomach the ESPN commentary or the roars of the crowd as the game inevitably gets uglier and uglier, hit the “mute” button and listen to us. Co-host Kyle Egan and I will have some — shall we say pointed commentary.

Meanwhile, during breaks in the action, we’ll also weave in some discussion of Boston College’s big week in hockey, up to and including the 2014 Sochi games where some of our Eagles are going for gold tomorrow. We might even drop in a shout-out to 3-1 Boston College baseball along the way.

Finally, we’ll also attempt to take your calls at (617) 552-0152. If you prefer to ask us questions on Twitter, tweet us @SoaringtoGlory and you just might get mentioned on the air.

Please note that the link to stream the show does not work in certain media players. One thing we know for sure is that it does work in RealPlayer. The link for the stream is located at, and the actual stream itself is

If you’re on the Boston College campus, you can listen in on Channel 47.