Boston College Tuesday Link Dump: Football Season Never Ends


Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

College football season never really ends — it just goes stealth from January to August.

Boston College and Coach Steve Addazio continue to have a year-round commitment to developing the program, and several more examples manifested themselves recently as we draw closer to spring practice.

BC Football: Penn State, Boston College host junior days over the weekend; Rutgers recruits attend

The original article is from a Rutgers source, which should be of concern to them because recruits are fleeing the Scarlet Knights like gophers if you threw a stick of dynamite in their burrow. From all accounts, Boston College’s junior day was a rousing success.

BC Football: BC in on dual-threat QB

Indirectly related, but the recruiting grind never stops. The new “in” thing for the Eagles has been dual-threat quarterbacks: Darius Wade, a potential future starter, is one, and 2015 recruit Ladarryl Blair from Texas is another. After all, that’s the type of player that better fits Addazio’s offense, and why have just one when you can have insurance. Boston College is going after three-star Blair as another possibility for the future.

It is also encouraging that after Boston College picked up some players from Florida and Georgia in the 2014 class, they’re turning their attention to other target-rich recruiting environments like Texas.

BC Basketball: Dick Kelley inspires Heights

Another article on the late great Dick Kelley. Gotta admit, its tough seeing the sadness on the faces of the players. For all we’ve had to say about the team’s performance, they’re still human beings and they lost a dear friend. Kelley won’t soon be forgotten.

BC Basketball: #1 ‘Cuse To Wear New Nike Outfit

In case you were wondering how Syracuse will be dressed for what is sure to be a difficult night (for us) at the Dome.

BC Baseball: BC Off To Hot Start With Three-Win Weekend

The view from The Heights on Birdball’s fast start to the 2014 season.